Silke Seiler

About the Artist

      Silke Seiler was raised in the Village of Lions Bay in Howe Sound on the coast of British Columbia. Having come from a family of mariners, Silke spent much of her time as a child exploring the gulf islands, inlets and islands of British Columbia's south coast. It was there that her understanding and desire of pursuing both her traditional art history and contemporary art practices began. Silke Seiler spent much time in a Tofino floathouse and then on Lasqueti Island; a wholly off-grid remote island where the ocean, trees and animals inspired her to begin expressing her art through acrylic paint.

      Silke is a Canadian of Japanese descent of the Yonsei generation on her mother's side and of immediate German citizenship on her father's side. Silke brings a background of commercial graphic design to the process of her work; commercial arts set a fast paced stage for the execution of personal projects.

      The artist paints in a style that is is not merely representational but delves into the world of magical realism. While not appearing outwardly political, Silke's work aims to explore the often tense relationship of humans and our coast's trees and waterways, showing their priceless beauty during a time of excess resource monetization. Silke is an Active member of the Federation of Canadian artists, a member of the DeCosmos Art Society and a member of the Lasqueti Island Arts group.

The artist paints in acrylics.


      Silke collects monster truck t-shirts and cheap rugs. She loves mountain biking and admits it is an addiction not a hobby. If she’s not working she’s most definitely at a beach or up a river, often in it. During dark hours she’ll be found playing stupid video games. Silke’s mind is so creative that she can’t sort anything, at all, ever, including but not limited to; recycling, cutlery, laundry and cards during card games. There is always hay in her shirt, from work. She hates wearing shoes except if they are expensive and exquisitely made. Like a lizard, Silke is unable to create her own heat and must soak in the sun or else she becomes sluggish. If it’s not spicy she won’t eat it. Silke has never met a coffee she didn’t like. Silke is very good at smiling and nodding while not really paying any attention at all, she’s probably daydreaming about riding her bike or planning the next painting. Silke does not get seasick and can teach you how not to too. Silke paints lots because she’s not very good at anything else or maybe she is just avoiding doing paperwork.